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The 12 Days of ObscureSportsmas

Here we go! On the first day of … ahhh, never mind, we’ll spare the singing for this one. What we’re going to do though is highlight an obscure sports gift each day for you to consider for that special someone. Some maybe lame (which is part of the fun) and some should be a […]

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The Evolution of Immaturity: MUSA Turns 10!

Once upon a time adult recreational team sports were limited to action-packed games often first introduced to skillful participants at the club, high school or collegiate level.  Softball, volleyball, and soccer leagues were popular and plentiful around the country. A resurgence of interest in childhood games and vintage sports has created new opportunities for a […]

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iPhone Dodgeball & Kickball Appz

  Danger! Dodgeball Some obscure sports translate well to iPhone apps – beer pong saturates the market, and most of the games based on that sport are relatively good – but there hasn’t been a real knockout dodgeball game.  Well, Danger! Dodgeball is still not a slam dunk. Using the iPhone’s advanced accelerometer, the app […]

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Upon first glance, it appears as though you’ve walked by an elementary school midway through recess. A giant orange rubber ball flies through the air and cheers echo down the first baseline. Looking past the team tents, signs, coolers and fans, you see adults of all ages, and instantly realize this is no ordinary game, […]

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Where’s the Finish Line?

I volunteered to play kickball for Virgin Territory with about as much enthusiasm as most people offer to help a friend move – secretly hoping I wouldn’t be needed but willing to show up and get the job done if it came down to it. As soon as I put the idea on the table […]

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Not so Shiny Diamond: the story behind quitting kickball

I quit kickball a year ago.  No, I wasn’t a sixth grader moving on to junior high, leaving elementary school recess behind.  At the time, I was 30 years old and had been playing adult kickball recreationally for four and a half years.  I know what you’re thinking: she got old, she got hurt, she […]

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The Embrace

When God had shone his glorious light down from the heavens, he could have only hoped it would illuminate a scene like this one. Presented before us we have two men in a tight embrace with no intentions of letting go until next season. No longer under the watchful eye of their captain’s judgement, their […]

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Rules of Engagement

A balmy Saturday night in May is a godsend for sellers of potent potables in this town.  The main drag is swarmed by college kids looking for that one last hookup before a summer of menial work and the occasionally present police cruiser keeps the droves in check.  Every establishment is packed and there is […]

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Piece by Piece: Building the Ultimate Kickballer

Like a finely tuned Frankenstein, you can find him terrorizing playground diamonds and shredding up scoreboards. The score won’t matter. He will win; it’s just a matter of by how many runs. He’s above the ironic nicknames. His jersey will never bear the numbers 69, 420 or 007. You will never find him dressed up […]

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Are You Ready for Some Kickball?

Believe it or not, kickball season is right around the corner. You don’t want to be last picked, do you? Whether casual or competitive, a captain or a teammate, here are some tips that will have you all ready to go for the upcoming season.  Remember, no one becomes a champion overnight, it takes time […]

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