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The Embrace

When God had shone his glorious light down from the heavens, he could have only hoped it would illuminate a scene like this one. Presented before us we have two men in a tight embrace with no intentions of letting go until next season. No longer under the watchful eye of their captain’s judgement, their […]

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Holding Pattern

Living the “High Life” never looked so bad. I’m sure the Miller Brewing company would send him 40 cases of Bud Light in hopes he would forsake their sacred brand. I don’t know what this fella was thinking before heading out the door. Other than the ladies he paid to pose in this photo with […]

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Warm-Weather Alert!

With spring just around the corner and the first UNSEASONABLY warm day drawing near, fashion disasters will be in full swing. Take this svelte fella for example. Wearing huge sombreros or Turd Ferguson foam-cowboy hats are ok in certain circles, but water-fowl hats are a huge no-no. Pink isn’t his color. Let’s skip right past […]

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