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The 12 Days of ObscureSportsmas

Here we go! On the first day of … ahhh, never mind, we’ll spare the singing for this one. What we’re going to do though is highlight an obscure sports gift each day for you to consider for that special someone. Some maybe lame (which is part of the fun) and some should be a […]

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Passport to Championships: Bring Your Own Bike

When you hear that a nearby city has been selected to host the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (NAHBPC or NAs), go willingly – by foot, by bike, by bus, by car – to check out an evolving sport with fixed-gear bike enthusiasts buzzing in action at the ground level.  Leave the horses at […]

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Road Warriors: the subculture of bike polo

Some see an underused tennis court or parking lot and don’t think of anything of it. Others wonder why people aren’t riding bikes on it while whacking around a street hockey ball. It takes a special type of person to picture the latter, right? Maybe not so much… “The variety of people amazes me,” says […]

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