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The 12 Days of ObscureSportsmas

Here we go! On the first day of … ahhh, never mind, we’ll spare the singing for this one. What we’re going to do though is highlight an obscure sports gift each day for you to consider for that special someone. Some maybe lame (which is part of the fun) and some should be a […]

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The King of Cornhole: Matt Guy?

I didn’t know it got this serious.  Apparently, there are two warring governing bodies for the sport of Cornhole: The American Cornhole Association and The American Cornhole Organization.  Well, despite all that, they both get hundreds of people to show up to their countrywide sanctioned tournaments, so you go Glen Coco!  With all that being […]

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Obscure Sports in Video Games

Full disclosure: I’m a total video game nerd.  Well, not one of those people who sit in their dark bedroom playing World of Warcraft all day – I don’t have the time or money to do that – but I’m a pretty geeky guy when you get me around any console.  Ever since my family […]

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