Look What I Found

Yeah, the beer is over there toots. Exactly what you need, another drink.  Look, I get it, going to your co-worker’s after-bar party just because you’re on the company kickball team is always a good idea. Team building is a recipe for success. However, when you raid Julie from accounting’s dresser drawers, well, my guess is that there will be no ‘U’ in team.

I do have to say, way to pick something classy though. Better than the leopard print matching bra and panties. Nothing says trash like animal print.

Oh, and I see you got the breath spray. Very handy in your pocket. You must have heard the rumors around the office that you are the dude with the stank breath.  Fresh breath and no back hair will get you one step closer to that promotion from team lush to team lover.  Don’t forget to take your sock home – the one behind you on the stair – not the one in your pants.

Don’t worry, what’s the worst that can happen if I take this picture? It’s not like this picture is going to be in a magazine, uploaded to the internet and made fun of for thousands of people to see. It’s all good!

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