Seasons Change

Fall is a time for change or transition. If you’re lucky enough to live where the leaves turn colors, you’re able to walk out the door and see bright reds and golds fill the once green trees. The leaves are the obvious reminders of the season, but there are other signs.  The air gets cooler and the waves get bigger. Wildlife begins to prepare for the winter and hunters prepare for their sport. Major League Baseball steps aside while the NFL, NHL and NBA become the center of attention.

I guess you could say transition is happening for OBSCURE SPORTS MAGAZINE, too. Don’t worry – we aren’t flying South or hibernating for the winter. We’re re-defining our outlook and transitioning into something that is more interactive with more daily content for our readers.

You will be able to count on us for your daily fix of all things Obscure Sports. We are still going to have our magazine layout that you have come to know and love, and each month you will be able to page through the obscure world of sports one by one, but that also means more blog posts, more tweets and more updates on Facebook.

Like the leaves in the fall, this transition isn’t going to happen all at once. Expect gradual changes throughout the month of October, along with a website makeover. OBSCURE SPORTS MAGAZINE is very excited for the new things ahead and hopes that you will join us in any capacity.

We are always looking for more contributors with great ideas. If you or someone you know likes to write or research, please contact us. We want to grow our team before the snow starts to fall.  Use the links on our Contributors page to check out all of the other Internet playing fields we will use daily so you don’t miss out on the changes ahead. We like our friends and want to become even better acquainted.


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