2 Teams 600 Cups

Came across this picture at Evil Milk.

A few observations… that’s 300 cups a side if you are scoring at home and as one person commented, “I would hate to drink some of those last cups because the beer would be piss warm.” By the count of the 30 pack cases, looks like about 120 cans of the finest macro-brew swill was used.

Something that would make this even better, is if they used a few different colored cups for different “penalties”. Say… get it into a red cup and the other team drinks 3 cups or a blue cup and it’s 4. Kind of reminds me of that carnival game with the wiffle balls and colored cups. No stuffed animals or goldfish to win here, just the worst hangover possible. My guess is that the first several rounds of this game would be pretty easy to hit a cup, getting people pretty sauced for those dreadful later rounds. Don’t forget the warm beer part.

Anyway… good stuff guys. Maybe a time-lapse video of the game would be cool.

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