Cinderella Story; Bill Murray Enjoys Some Kickball

So I’m guessing we might need another category here at the magazine. First, my Google alerts were all a buzz last week with the Justin Bieber beer pong story but we decided not to report on it because quite honestly, we’re just not fans. Apparently some photos of him playing beer pong a year or so ago surfaced and of course TMZ had it. We’ll let them have that one.

In way better celebrity news, Bill Murray grabs the internet by storm once again by joining a kickball game in New York City on Roosevelt Island Sunday. The picture was uploaded to CollegeHumor’s Marina Cockenberg’s Tumblr account and was taken for her friend Chris DiLella’s team. (Chris is the fourth guy from the left, wearing a gray shirt and sunglasses.)

Chris, who was on the phone at the time making important game time decisions I’m sure, said “Bill Murray literally popped out of nowhere.” Chris’ team Brews Your Daddy was kicking when his friend yelled at him to grab his camera because “Bill Murray is playing with us.” Obviously he thought he was joking but alas, Steve Zissou himself was geared up in powder blue shorts complete with stocking cap. “Bill was awesome — he was there for about 10 minutes… jumped on second base… bounced the ball — gave us all high-fives and let us take a picture with him.”

Unfortunately Chris’ team didn’t find inspiration by the celebrity siting and ended up losing to team Balls Deep by 5. My guess is that the loss was easier to take having experienced something like this and having a story to tell for a lifetime. No telling if Brews Your Daddy was in violation of any illegal roster moves having the celebrity substitution, but I’m sure no one was complaining.

If you are interested in playing kickball and helping out some charities in the NYC area, I encourage you to sign-up at ZogSports or at least go to their website to check it out. Part of all registration fees go to charity and seems like a really fun organization.

Here’s hoping Bill Murray shows up at your obscure sport.


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