Ex-Roller Derby Girl Treasurer Sentenced

In our first installment of the OSM Police Blotter (a new feature for us), we have an ex-skater from the Fargo/Moorhead Derby Girls get sentenced to 25 days in jail for stealing money from her league.

According to multiple stories I have seen, she was accused of stealing over $20,000 but a private auditor could only find $13,000 worth of unauthorized transactions. Mostly ATM withdrawals. Apparently, she is unaware that ATM transactions leave a paper trail…? I know I’m not the smartest person in the World, but one has to wonder what she was thinking. Maybe she thought if she pressed “no” when asked for a receipt  that no one would know.

Not only does she have to serve the 25 days in jail but she was also ordered to repay $10,000. Ouch… but according to current treasurer Donna Donley (aka Rosie Bruzher) it’s only about half of what the club thinks she took. All the more reason to get out and support the FM Derby Girls if you live in their area. You can checkout their website here.

If you want to read more about the story you can head to the ABC affiliate in Fargo WDAY for more.

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