It’s only been a year and a half.

The last post before this one was February 6, 2011.

OK, so I was thinking about how to announce the resurrection of OBSCURE SPORTS MAGAZINE or at least the reemergence of this website when ex-magazine contributor Michael Votto emailed me the link to the video below. I recently told him I wanted to start the mag/site up again and he gave me an idea. I decided we don’t need to make a big deal out of coming back as it didn’t have that many followers anyway, but those that did believe in it, I thank you and I hope to bring you more of that obscure sports fun on a monthly/weekly/daily basis and maybe find some contributors to help out along the way. Cheers!

Let’s start with the video. Now, I have watched some pretty solid dodgeball action in my day, but I can honestly say this is by far the best ending to a dodgeball game I have ever seen. I’m not sure why the audience needs 30 seconds of lame dodgeball action beforehand, but hey, the payoff is worth it. If you want to get right into the action fast forward to about :30 seconds and you’ll get plenty of establishing drama before the big finish. They were even nice enough to include a slow-mo version in case you miss it.



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