The 12 Days of ObscureSportsmas

Here we go! On the first day of … ahhh, never mind, we’ll spare the singing for this one. What we’re going to do though is highlight an obscure sports gift each day for you to consider for that special someone. Some maybe lame (which is part of the fun) and some should be a serious consideration because of the pure awesome-ness it bestows… so being a couple days behind, looks like I have some catching up to do. Be sure and check back each day to see what we come up with.

Be ready when the mood strikes.

ObscureSportsmas Day 1: We believe these are something every Obscure Sports fan needs. Keep them in the trunk of your car for those spontaneous kickball or Wiffle Ball games. Around $15 when all said and done and we always suggest finding them at a locally owned and operated sporting goods store when possible.

Become “King of Cornhole”

ObscureSportsmas Day 2: Our friends at the American Cornhole Organization have a good selection of cornhole boards and bags. They even do custom designs. We recommend going with ACO in case you ever want to go Pro and become King of Cornhole. These are the real deal and officially sanctioned boards. Of course any handy person can make their own which is also cool. If you aren’t a person that can go to the local hardware store/lumberyard without cutting a limb off (like I am), we also suggest trying to find someone local.

Coolest video camera ever!

ObscureSportsmas Day 3: This isn’t so much as an Obscure Sports gift as it is a tool to make playing and viewing your Obscure Sports much more awesomer. Yeah, I said awesomer and it’s exactly what I meant. Let this camera take viewers inside a roller derby jam or come up close and personal with a ball to the melon while playing dodgeball. Take to the field or court or table and feel like you are right there in the action. I love gadgets and this tops my list. If ya got the scratch, pick one up at for $259. Be sure to accessorize yourself with the proper mounting gear.

ObscureSportsmas Day 4: For the movie fan try the Roller Derby Movie Pack. Of course we haven’t actually found them for sale in an actual movie pack, but you get the idea. Any Obscure Sport movie is alright with us. Start off with Jam (2006). A documentary about the rise and fall of the female skaters in the late 60’s over the span on 7 years. Then move on to the next roller derby wave which started in 2001. Hell on Wheels is an indie documentary following the revival of one of the sexiest Obscure Sports, starting with the ladies in Austin. Pretty solid soundtrack as well. The last film is Whip It. We know what you are going to say. We didn’t give this one a glowing review in our Sept/Oct issue, but I have seen many good reviews on it, so I am sure there are plenty of people out there that will like it. We’re just not one of them.


ObscureSportsmas Day 5: What is better than playing Beer Pong? Beer Pong with a little flavor called Pong Deck. Nothing says uber-cool than making a drinking game out of a drinking game. Genius! We did a little test run when we first got the cards and let me let ya… these guys are on to something. I know there are some Beer Pong purists out there that will shutter at the fact that someone is messing with the game. That’s fine. Anyone wanting a change of pace to the already great game, we at Obscure Sports Magazine would suggest picking up a set. Cost is about $10… big deal and if you don’t like it, you got yourself some coasters or some flying discs you could make a different game out of.


ObscureSportsmas Day 6: Look we all play backyard/tailgating games and what is the one thing that annoys you the most (aside from losing to your friends)? The age old question of, “Where do I put my beer while playing?” Of course you always play with one in your hand, but I am talking about the back-up, or if you’re like me and two-fist it all the time, the “other” one. Whether you play bags, cornhole, or Baggo, it doesn’t matter. You could play ladder golf, redneck golf, or testicle toss. It makes no difference. The Backyard Barkeep will help you keep score, keep your drink in the upright position and basically make your life easier as the arguing over the score will almost come to an end. I said almost because there is always that one dude that tries to cheat or at least tries to make himself feel better after you stomped him by 10. Do you and your friends a favor and get this thing. I didn’t know what I was missing until I picked one up.

ObscureSportsmas Day 7: Back to roller derby for a second. This one should be a no-brainer, but season tickets to the roller derby organization in your area. The great thing is that a lot of the roller derby seasons are starting up soon or are very early in the season, so you didn’t miss much. So go on, splurge a bit this holiday season and have some fun at some of the finest Obscure Sports entertainment around.

FleetVelo – The Joust

ObscureSportsmas Day 8: I couldn’t leave out our hardcourt bike polo friends this Christmas season. I am not going to act like an expert on bike polo and the equipment they should be using. Hardly! Most bike polo-ists scrap together their own rigs from used parts or a simple trip to the hardware store so I am not surprised you don’t see many companies making bike polo specific frames. I’m sure the underground nature of the sport has something to do with it as well. I did see that a few companies are coming out with some newer designed frames in the coming year. We did come across FleetVelo and their bike called The Joust which was released in the spring of 2009. This thing looks awesome and from what I understand is a pretty solid ride. BMX bike company FBM is another company coming out with new bike polo rigs next year, and if you can’t wait, they do have a solid frame called The Sword which you can grab.

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