Mojo Kickball

After years of defending his athletic ability to the Type-A personalities of competitive adult sports, Eric Heiberg of Austin, Texas decided to play by his own rules. He created a new sport called Mojo Kickball™, combining elements of multiple games and the use of strategy to win.

Heiberg describes the game as the result of a complicated love affair between kickball, dodgeball, tag and touch-football.  Wherein, kickball gets drunk and scores with all three in one night. Kickball then finds out she’s pregnant and doesn’t know who the father is – but there’s no drama because everyone agrees to be a team player in the little sport’s life. So, with no questions asked, that’s how little Mojo Kickball came to be.

The game is played in four, 12-minute quarters and resembles kickball in starting field positions. The first pitch is immediately followed by five more and the rules get more complicated from there.

In Mojo Kickball, endurance is a must, skill is a bonus and strategy is key.

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