Are You Ready for Some Kickball?

Believe it or not, kickball season is right around the corner. You don’t want to be last picked, do you? Whether casual or competitive, a captain or a teammate, here are some tips that will have you all ready to go for the upcoming season.  Remember, no one becomes a champion overnight, it takes time and effort!

No matter how much you prepare, injuries are inevitable in the high-impact game of kickball.  So we asked Rachel Torgerson, Certified Physical Therapist and experienced second basewoman, to weigh in.

“The most important thing is preparation for the types of things that come with kickball — kicking, running, and lots of cutting motions,” Rachel says of the stresses that come with the sport.  “Most of these things can be prepared for with a pretty simple general lower extremity stretching program.  Secondarily, non-athlete type kickballers ought to also prepare with short sprint exercises, as well as some leg strengthening to reduce the inevitable inability to pick up the legs, which generally comes two days after the first game,” Ms. Torgerson suggests.

But if you do get injured, remember the principles of RICE: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.  To further your kickball experience, just follow these easy steps for a successful kickball season.

Belly Up

Frequent your local watering hole at least once a week. Not only will it save you from looking like a lightweight once the season starts, you just might be able to convince your favorite bar to sponsor you, saving your team money, and making you look connected among your teammates. Win, win, win.

Team Up

Now is the time to shore up your team. A general email to gauge interest will suffice. If you are a player, be sure to reply to these inquires. Be honest, if you don’t want to play, say so! Make sure you have enough players, or if you have too many, now might be the time to make some cuts or change teams. Be sure to be nice about it, you don’t want to lose friends and acquaintances.

Suit Up

Part of playing well is dressing the part. So, make sure you’re all decked out in the latest kickball fashions. Team jerseys are not optional. Be sure to have a unique logo and team colors. Don’t have a logo? Get an artistic friend to design one for you, or take a stab at designing your own.  Also, accessorize! Socks with your team name, coordinating sweat bands or sweatshirts for chilly nights will help you stand out from the rest. Don’t forget matching cleats!

Pay Up

Plan ahead. Make sure your team is registered on time or you may be stuck on the sidelines.  If you’re the one ponying up the cash for registration, jerseys etc … make sure you get paid!  Even if you aren’t the person collecting the cash, ALWAYS pay the person that is. No one signed up to pay for your good time.

Drink It Up

If your league allows drinking at the field, consider getting everyone to chip in for a beverage each week. Creating a lush fund for a thermos of vodka lemonade is much more economical and environmentally friendly than everyone bringing their own adult beverage.


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