America’s Next Top Dodgeball Model?

Isabella, America's Next Top Dodgeball Model

Isabella, America’s Next Top Dodgeball Model

A quick hit for you…

Sitting here, watching America’s Next Top Model (my girlfriend is in the room, so I’m excused) on Oxygen, and hey look!  It’s a dodgeball photo shoot!  Well, it was for Isabella, and it didn’t really help her as she was sent home because of that picture above.  The episode’s shoot revolved around “little games that little girls play on the playground”, according to our queen overlord Tyra Banks.  Other games fit that bill – jacks, london bridge, monkey bars – but I wonder if Tyra knows that this adult dodgeball thing exists?  I say that, as a community, we boycott Tyra Banks productions until she comes forward and admits that dodgeball isn’t a “little game” on a playground!

I think this boycott is going to be easier for most of our readers than it is going to be for me.

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