The 5 Best Forgotten Playground Games

While everyone is aware of the childhood sports that adults have embraced with more than a shred of irony, such as kickball and dodgeball, I thought I’d take a look at five forgotten playground activities.

5. TAG

Once a playground staple, this game is probably best left to the kids, as it requires constant running. The only adults with this kind of stamina are already in marathons.


When all you need is cement, chalk and a couple of rocks, one would think this relatively easy, equipment-free playground game would have hipsters in skinny jeans ironically hopping all over the place.  However, this game seemed to be mainly relegated to future Mean Girls and those who didn’t want to wait in the 4-Square line at recess.


While not a playground sport exactly, everyone loved lawn jarts – it was like playing darts, outside! That is, until they lost an eye or injured their dog. Who would have thought that giving kids sharp metal objects to throw could go so horribly wrong? Unfortunately, lawn jarts were banned in the ‘80s, but if they hadn’t, one could easily see nostalgic adults feverishly embracing this activity.  Since beer would most likely be involved, this is perhaps a hidden blessing.


Essentially 2-person volleyball, with an added element of danger. While tetherball seemed to be poised for a comeback due its retro charm, as seen  in Napoleon Dynamite, it never seemed to catch on. Of course, who has access to a giant metal pole with a volleyball attached?


With minimal equipment (a patch of concrete, rubber ball and chalk) and just enough people to make it fun, it’s a wonder as to why this cherished childhood game hasn’t made a comeback. I mean, you really only need one hand to play, leaving the other for an adult beverage.  While there are groups scattered across the US and a few Facebook groups, it has yet to sweep the nation like kickball and dodgeball has. Surely, it can only be a matter of time.

Of course, you can still play most of these games due to everybodys favorite video game console; the Nintendo Wii. A quick Amazon search finds games featuring tetherball, “lawn darts” and other childhood favorites. Or, you could gather a few friends, get outside and relive the good ol’ days, one more time.

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