Circle Rules Football

Circle Rules Football

Circle Rules Football was invented in 2006 by Greg Manley. A senior in the Experimental Theater Wing of NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, Manley sought to create a game that would bridge the gap between sports and the arts. Based on the belief that sports are a form of theater, Circle Rules Football was formed with the intent of being both competitive and entertaining. So much so, Manley compares the creative process used to invent the game to that of a playwright or composer.

The game begins with a Down-up, where a player from each team stands opposite each other and on the referee’s signal, race to be the first to lie down, touch both shoulder blades to the ground simultaneously and return to the standing position … as if that’s not enough of an oddity in and of itself!

Circle Rules Football is played in four, fifteen-minute periods on a circular field. There is one goal in the center and each team scores through opposite sides using a 55cm yoga ball. The winner of the Down-up decides which direction their team will score and whether to kick or receive at the onset of a match. Players may touch the ball with any body part, but may not hold or sit on the ball.

The first official season began in spring 2009 and leagues have since formed throughout California, Oregon, Florida, D.C., Toronto, Puerto Rico, and even Prague.

Go to their website to learn more: Circle Rules Football

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