Wild Day: The Launch of Obscure Sports Magazine

First off, if you haven’t checked out the premiere issue of OBSCURE SPORTS MAGAZINE – go read it HERE!

It has been about five months since our creative director Dan talked to me about contributing something to a magazine he was thinking about starting up.  He knew that I had a blog (American Ferox) and that I had a penchant for writing, so I saw it as a perfect opportunity to expand my horizons and work on something I had little/no experience in.  Hours of writing, researching, designing, preparing, and eating (we had several lunch meetings – made me feel important) sits on that URL at the beginning of that post.  As a reader, you see a website with a magazine embedded in it – for us at the magazine, we see months of hard work and I speak for everyone when I say that we are damn proud of it.  We really hope you enjoy it, and even if you find something you don’t like, let us know!

I know that this isn’t a typical blog post, but this is not a typical day.  This is the launch of a monthly magazine devoted to obscure sports – isn’t this world just grand?

I would love to take some time out and acknowledge our entire staff whose unbelievable dedication made this launch as successful as it has been:

Dan Glass, Creative Director of Obscure Sports Magazine – Our fearless leader.  Everyday, I heard from Dan in some way, shape, or form about the magazine.  This is his baby – his pride and joy.  The way he talks about the magazine makes everyone step up and do whatever they can to help him get this online.  With that being said, he’s not this bundle of teddy bears and sunshine though: he’s a tough critic, but that just makes this end product so much more polished.  Best.  Boss.  Ever.

Andy Buteyn, Drawing Guy – I got a soft spot for artists.  Just the way that I can terribly describe what I’m looking for, and they somehow wade through my incoherentness and produce exactly what I envisioned.  That’s how Andy is.  His work on my article “Stand Behind Your Man” in this debut issue captures the mood of the article totally, and beyond just his unbelievable ability: he’s a solid dude and comes through in the clutch!

Jodi Neitzel, Marketing/Contributor – One of the newest members to the fold, Jodi helped carve out a solid marketing strategy so that people like yourselves could find your way to our magazine.  Her ideas and contributions to the magazine had an immediate effect (thank her for our Twitter account that keeps you informed), but her good-natured and enthusiastic devotion to our little magazine has been inspiring for all.

Paul O’Mara, Contributor – Honestly, “Road Warriors” is what this magazine is built for.  His article is a glimpse for someone like me into a completely foreign world where people take their bikes to the streets and play polo.  An expertly put together article, I enjoying seeing what else Paul has up his sleeves for future issues.

Andrea Spielgelberg, Editor/Contributor – Technically, she’s my immediate boss.  She’s the one who rips my article to shreds and gives me notes.  Andrea has been with us since the absolute beginning, and her presence is definitely felt throughout the magazine in her “O-List” and her getting ready for kickball article.  Like Dan, I hear from Andrea everyday and her ideas have shaped everything from content to marketing to design.  I couldn’t ask for a better editor.

Kris Szatmary, Contributor – We at Obscure Sports Magazine rib Kris a lot for her management of the staff meetings: she’s gotten it from everyone about her keeping time a factor.  Honestly, Kris singlehandedly keeps us on track (namely, Dan and I) and has prevented this magazine from being a quarterly publication because of our (Dan and myself) lengthy tangents.  But beyond being the glue that holds our meetings together, she’s also a fantastic writer, contributing “Still Silly After All These Years” to April’s issue.  Kris is the exact kind of person you want to be involved in any venture: she’s professional, passionate, and an absolute joy to work with.

Jami Topolovich, Contributor/Photographer – If you haven’t read and enjoyed Jami’s “Virgin Territory”, you need to stop reading my blog post and go there now.  Absolutely hilarious, that is a perfect representation of who Jami is.  Beyond being a complete trooper for that article, Jami also contributed to our first Shutterfold with her great detailing of a dodgeball game.  From her upbeat mood to her love for horses (this is an inside joke – if you want to be in on it, start contributing!), Jami is an invaluable asset to the magazine.

Jake Wallendal, Contributor – For me, Jake kind of came out of nowhere.  To everyone else, it was “it’s awesome we got Jake involved!”  After I read his contributions, I have to say that I’m super pumped to work with Jake in future issues.  Jake is our resident chuckle house, as nearly everything he touches turns into comedy gold (even his contributor answer made me laugh – not gonna lie).

So that’s the team that brought you the physical magazine, but obviously there are many more that helped along the way.  Significant others, family, friends, teammates – it seems like everyone I know had a hand in making this happen.  Just because you aren’t mentioned in a blog post does not mean we aren’t subliminally throwing appreciative and good vibes towards you!

Thank you again for supporting and enjoying Obscure Sports Magazine, and we truly cannot wait to see where this journey takes us.

Michael Votto, Contributor

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