“First!” Welcome To Obscure Sports Blog!

I don’t know what you did to get here but good for you!  You are like Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade, so here’s to the cup of a carpenter!  I digress, but welcome to Obscure Sports Blog, the daily fix for Obscure Sports Magazine readers, or the everyday source for all your obscure sports needs (whatever that is).

So what is Obscure Sports Magazine?  It is a little bit of everything – a few tips, some insightful articles, and a whole lot of good humor.  Sure, you can get these things in bigger sports rags, but can you find a magazine that covers kickball and dodgeball?

From the mouths and minds of the people on the field, Obscure Sports Magazine is a monthly online resource geared towards the most dedicated athletes of playground games and those who haven’t even thought of lacing up their shoes and kick some big rubber balls.  A loose and fun bunch, the contributors at OSM are more than just writers – they live and breathe the core values of the magazine.

This daily off-shoot, Obscure Sports Blog, won’t be entirely structured around providing you with up-to-date coverage of the odd sport scene – we will be posting things from every corner of the ‘net, just to make you think and, probably more often than that, make you laugh.

So if you stumbled here by accident, stick around for a while, and if you are a friend of the magazine, thanks for the support.  But in both cases, please visit us again and enjoy Obscure Sports Blog!

– Mike Votto, Contributor

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