KanJam is played with a disc and two “Kans” aka, goals, set 50-feet apart. The game is played in teams of two, alternating as thrower and deflector. The object of the game is to score points by throwing/deflecting the disc and hitting or entering the goal.

A disc toss determines which team throws first; the winner typically chooses to throw last, known as “The Hammer.” An equal number of turns are played, similar to innings in baseball. Partners stand at opposite goals, alternating throwing and deflecting. One partner throws the flying disc toward the Kan and the other partner, the “deflector”, helps guide it towards or into the goal.

Teams score points with direct hits to the Kan or deflecting the disc in the goal. A redirected hit by the deflector is called a Dinger- worth 1 point, a direct hit to the Kan by the thrower is 2 points- Deuce, and a drop in the Kan is worth 3 points- a Bucket. Deflectors cannot double-hit, catch, or carry the disc. Deflectors can move anywhere within the playing area to redirect the disc, but throwers must stand behind the goal area to throw. The game ends when a team scores exactly 21 points or an “Instant Win” is scored, which occurs when a disc is successfully thrown through the front slot of the Kan.

The 2010 World Championship is being held August 14 in North Tonawanda, New York. Event organizers expect over 250 teams.

Go to their website to learn more: www.kanjam.com

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