The Embrace

When God had shone his glorious light down from the heavens, he could have only hoped it would illuminate a scene like this one. Presented before us we have two men in a tight embrace with no intentions of letting go until next season. No longer under the watchful eye of their captain’s judgement, their love has sprung to the surface for all to see. As weird as it looks, much like a blossom on a cactus, it certainly conveys a certain sense of unbridled passion and joy.
How fitting that the beauty in blue is sporting his stunner shades, tiara and earrings for his big day. Normally it’s the costume for the guest of honor at a 5-year old girls’ birthday party. But not today. It’s almost certain that the red headbands each of these Romeos is sporting serves one purpose: to keep their sweat from ruining their hair. We know we’re looking at a man in the green shirt, but not quite sure if he thinks he’s hugging the newly crowned Miss Kickball or the Queen of England.
It’s poignant that each has one arm in embrace and the other reaching out to the sky. Could it symbolize how this is as close as they’ll ever be to paradise? Only those who have shared an equally emancipating moment can relate. Can you? If not, maybe it’s time to break the chains that hold you down as well.

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