Stages of Injury

Anger: WTF, Dude! Get out of the f*cking way! Don’t touch me!

Denial: What was that? My bone is sticking out? It’s just a scratch. I’ll be fine. I just need to finish this game. Seriously, I don’t feel a thing!  Let’s get a drink.

Anger, Part 2: Holy motherf*cking sh*t, that hurts.

Bargaining: OK … please tell me it’s not broken or infected and I’ll promise to cut down on some of my post-game celebrations. Anything else, I can deal with.

Anger, Part 3: I’m sorry … what did you just say? I can’t play kickball for HOW long?  I’ll meet you at the bar.

Depression: I can’t do anything for myself. My team won without me anyway. What does it matter? I’m stuck here as a stupid cheerleader for the next four to six weeks. Kill me now. Give me a drink.

Anger, Part 4: I can’t stand this anymore! Stupid, failing body.  That collision would’ve never happened if that guy wasn’t such an ogre.  He owes me a drink.

Acceptance: It’s alright.  I’ll be stronger when I return. I’ll really appreciate the ability to be able to engage in team sports again.  I’ve really gotten a chance to see how much my family and friends care about me. At least I still get to hang out with my team. Things will be fine.

Anger, Part 5: You want HOW much for a stupid arm sling and X-rays?! FML.  Drink. NOW.

Depression, Part 2: (See Anger, Part 5)

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