CustomInk’s slogan is- “You Think It… We Ink It,” And they live up to their slogan. While create-your-own tee websites are a dime a dozen, CustomInk stands above the rest. This web-based business has been around for 10 years, and provides quality merchandise, at an affordable price, while still offering a wide variety of products. The next time you are facing down an opponent, take a look at their jerseys – chances are they got them from CustomInk.

While we could rave on about all the reasons why we love this site and their products, we’ll try to boil it down to a few main points.

Simple- designing your own logo is easy and very user-friendly, even for the most inexperienced. If you have your own logo, the software to upload is very simple- no add-ons needed. Once uploaded you can increase the size, change the color, and compare how your logo looks on different merchandise- you name it. Not very creative? CustomInk even has a whole bunch of cool stock logos, ready to make your own.

Variety – The site offers a wide variety of products and prices in sizes for men, women and kids. While most people think of t-shirts and jerseys when they hear screen-printing, you can pretty much get your logo emblazoned on anything, from; hats, wrist bands, koozies, water bottles, sweatpants and even business attire. Each item has a price indicator $, $$, $$$. $$$$, to give you an idea of how much you’ll be spending.

Superior customer service- This is where the site really shines. Once you design your logo and place your order, you’re sent a mock-up of your design, as well as the details of your order to proof. Then an actual person calls to confirm and make any suggestions to your design. In my experience, CustomInk has been very accommodating with last-minute order changes. For one order, some fellow teammates and I decided to gift another member of our team with a jersey with a very … creative nickname. Not only was the customer service representative accommodating, they even laughed at the nickname. In another instance, a suggestion by a CustomInk employee actually saved me money! The site has a 99% satisfaction rate and publishes all of their reviews.

Affordable- CustomInk has a myriad of price ranges suitable for thrifty teams and those with cash to spare. The site also will reduce the cost of each item by 50 cents if you put their logo on it, and will list suggestions of the most affordable options.  Shipping is also free if you elect to receive it within 14 days!

Quality- unlike many online custom sites, the quality of CustomInk’s items is consistent. No blurry logos or off colors. Many sites use digital printing, but this company uses screen printing for orders of 6 items or more. This means that your logo will look the same on all of your items.  Embroidery is also available. They also package each order in plastic and then box it – in case of rain upon delivery. CustomInk also offers a money-back guarantee if your order is flawed, different than what you picked, or is received later than the promised delivery date.

Of course, no one is perfect. CustomInk does have its drawbacks. The main one being the cost of adding names and numbers. Names are $4.50 and numbers are $2.50 for each item, meaning that customization can be as costly as the item itself. The site does allow you to create some items with only a number, name only, and both within the same order, thus giving you a bit of wiggle room.  At times certain merchandize is not in stock, but is listed as available on their site. Sizing can be inconsistent with the size charts. Additionally, ordering a smaller number of items, anything within the 6-10 item range can be quite costly.

However, due to their variety, consistency and quality, OSM gives CustomInk our seal of approval. Your team is sure to be best-dressed on the field, court or anywhere obscure sports happen.

To visit customink, please go to their website.

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