It All Comes Out in the Wash

photo by Daniel Glass

As they approach the bar, she evaluates the entrance situation for any obstacles. In one swift, calculated move, she pushes the door open with her elbow, enters and turns to prop it with her foot. Her friends pass through and make their way up the stairs. She trails slightly behind, paying careful attention to each step and resisting the urge to grab the dirty handrail for balance.

They reach the top, enter Friday night and eagerly signal the man slinging drinks. She pays with her card because she’s read too many stories about germ and cocaine covered money to handle cash. As she waits, the woman next to her decides against putting up the elbow shield and coughs directly into the palm of her hand – which she then proceeds to drop into the community Petri dish of salty snacks sitting on the bar.


She hears her friends across the bar before she sees them. There’s an intense game of beer pong going on and she’s come prepared to defend her title. She makes her way over and takes her spot at the table.

Her opponent throws the ball. It drops just short of the cups and bounces. She tries to catch it but instead deflects it into the wall. From there it travels to the next table over, makes a smooth arch to the ground and slowly rolls through a puddle of beer and cola to a stop at her partner’s feet. As he bends down to retrieve it, she scans her surroundings and starts to feel anxiety take over.

And then she spots it… the plastic cup of plain tap water used to rinse off every ball that takes a similar journey.

Whew, what a relief. That was a close one.

Game on!


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