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Party of Five

Set in the spooky basement of the frat house on Halloween, these dudes seem to be whooping it up crazy style. And by crazy style I mean, just a casual game of bad beer pong. Not sure why they were cast to the confines of a very small basement. I mean in most situations and […]

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Uproar on the Lakeshore Bracket Challenge

We have all heard about and probably participated in the NCAA office pool at least once in your life. If not, no big deal. I still imagine you know how it works. Well March is a long way away considering the college basketball season has just begun. Well, here at OBSCURE SPORTS MAGAZINE we like […]

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The Evolution of Immaturity: MUSA Turns 10!

Once upon a time adult recreational team sports were limited to action-packed games often first introduced to skillful participants at the club, high school or collegiate level.  Softball, volleyball, and soccer leagues were popular and plentiful around the country. A resurgence of interest in childhood games and vintage sports has created new opportunities for a […]

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