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Passport to Championships: Bring Your Own Bike

When you hear that a nearby city has been selected to host the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (NAHBPC or NAs), go willingly – by foot, by bike, by bus, by car – to check out an evolving sport with fixed-gear bike enthusiasts buzzing in action at the ground level.  Leave the horses at […]

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It All Comes Out in the Wash

As they approach the bar, she evaluates the entrance situation for any obstacles. In one swift, calculated move, she pushes the door open with her elbow, enters and turns to prop it with her foot. Her friends pass through and make their way up the stairs. She trails slightly behind, paying careful attention to each […]

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In a game of Fowling, or football bowling, two teams compete to knock down all of their opponent’s bowling pins using an NFL football. The game is played in singles or doubles and begins with a coin-toss. The winner has the option to take the first throw or call which Fowling lane they want to […]

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Five Best Flying Disc Sports

Throughout this article, I will be referring to games as “team disc” or “flying disc” games.  Due to trademark reasons, I cannot use the vernacular that is often attributed to nearly all these games.  But if you need help remembering what these “discs” look like, I highly recommend you take a hard look at the […]

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iPhone Dodgeball & Kickball Appz

  Danger! Dodgeball Some obscure sports translate well to iPhone apps – beer pong saturates the market, and most of the games based on that sport are relatively good – but there hasn’t been a real knockout dodgeball game.  Well, Danger! Dodgeball is still not a slam dunk. Using the iPhone’s advanced accelerometer, the app […]

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Mud, Sweat and Beers

My wife, Cindy, told me about the Warrior Dash and immediately I said, “Register us!”  By the time we registered there were only two heats open. Once I committed to doing the Warrior Dash, I decided to do it all the way and hold nothing back. Cin and I drove to the parking site and […]

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Upon first glance, it appears as though you’ve walked by an elementary school midway through recess. A giant orange rubber ball flies through the air and cheers echo down the first baseline. Looking past the team tents, signs, coolers and fans, you see adults of all ages, and instantly realize this is no ordinary game, […]

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