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Sigh & Yawn: Whip It does no justice to roller derby

Making Hollywood films is so easy.  No seriously, it must be real simple but the perceived outcomes vary.  Take a fantastic cast (an Oscar winner, two others with nominations) and put them into a zany underbelly – boom, a license to print money and swallow praise.  Not so much in the case of Whip It […]

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Passport to Championships: Bring Your Own Bike

When you hear that a nearby city has been selected to host the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (NAHBPC or NAs), go willingly – by foot, by bike, by bus, by car – to check out an evolving sport with fixed-gear bike enthusiasts buzzing in action at the ground level.  Leave the horses at […]

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Mud, Sweat and Beers

My wife, Cindy, told me about the Warrior Dash and immediately I said, “Register us!”  By the time we registered there were only two heats open. Once I committed to doing the Warrior Dash, I decided to do it all the way and hold nothing back. Cin and I drove to the parking site and […]

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Upon first glance, it appears as though you’ve walked by an elementary school midway through recess. A giant orange rubber ball flies through the air and cheers echo down the first baseline. Looking past the team tents, signs, coolers and fans, you see adults of all ages, and instantly realize this is no ordinary game, […]

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Wiffleball: From Backyard to Playing Field

Apparently, without knowing it, I played wiffle ball with my best friend throughout my childhood  We played at his house where we set up areas for singles, doubles, triples, and home runs, playing out a full nine-inning game.  The games usually got pretty intense and led to a couple of fights because Mike’s (aforementioned friend) […]

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Not so Shiny Diamond: the story behind quitting kickball

I quit kickball a year ago.  No, I wasn’t a sixth grader moving on to junior high, leaving elementary school recess behind.  At the time, I was 30 years old and had been playing adult kickball recreationally for four and a half years.  I know what you’re thinking: she got old, she got hurt, she […]

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Speedball – not the drug

Ever heard of speedball? No, not heroin and cocaine together in the same syringe, also sometimes called snowballing, or powerballing (or moonrocks when smoked). Nor am I referring to the type of paintball called speedball. This speedball combines, into a single sport, the dribbling and kicking of soccer, the catching and throwing of basketball, and […]

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Last Cup?

Somehow I managed to overlook or avoid the sensory experience that is described as beer pong.  I wasn’t doing it when I was 15.  I wasn’t doing it when I was 20.  I can’t say the opportunity was ever mine.  When I think about my first night at the beer pong table, I can confidently […]

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Chase for the Cornhole Crown

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in April and I‘ve just arrived at the Pettit National Ice Center in beautiful Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Inside the cold, windowless building are some of the nation’s best Cornholers, and I was about to go in and find out what it took to be a pro. I wasn’t sure what to […]

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Rules of Engagement

A balmy Saturday night in May is a godsend for sellers of potent potables in this town.  The main drag is swarmed by college kids looking for that one last hookup before a summer of menial work and the occasionally present police cruiser keeps the droves in check.  Every establishment is packed and there is […]

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