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It’s only been a year and a half.

The last post before this one was February 6, 2011. OK, so I was thinking about how to announce the resurrection of OBSCURE SPORTS MAGAZINE or at least the reemergence of this website when ex-magazine contributor Michael Votto emailed me the link to the video below. I recently told him I wanted to start the mag/site up again and […]

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Seasons Change

Fall is a time for change or transition. If you’re lucky enough to live where the leaves turn colors, you’re able to walk out the door and see bright reds and golds fill the once green trees. The leaves are the obvious reminders of the season, but there are other signs.  The air gets cooler […]

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We Have Arrived

At some point, you must have asked yourself “why?” Why do I play this obscure/playground/odd sport? And more importantly, why do you love it? You must have posed that question to yourself before donning a team shirt and taking to the field, court or wherever your sport leads you. Every one of us has different […]

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